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few minutes >>guest: if you their orders several take care of your christmas >>host: thank we are actually sold out during the first presentation and >>guest: are kidding me? please >>host: bring us more >>guest: will medellin >>host: miglin is that next i will be back at noon with the kindle fire. cheers! [♪ music ♪] everybody my name is connie craig-carroll with your final visit of the year for marilyn coming up we have 15 of marilyn miglin is the finest fragrances. she is a beauty pioneer with over 40 years of
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experience in the beauty industry. she is a former model and ballerina upper yet she is hands on. . --and that she is hands on. >>guest: thank you to everybody. >>host: we have 15 of your finest fragrances $17 on flex pay. i know we are experiencing a hold right now, you can shop by can visit views expressed automated ordering. you have chosen the best of the best fragrances. >>host: >>guest: >>guest: i think our ladies chose those. >>host: best sellers from all of your
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looks like a beautiful book. if you are giving the entire collection as a gift. these are wonderful. >>guest: you can do two, four, five, think about the quality. and the pleasure this is going to give you. instead of happy holidays we should save for a grant holidays. --say and these are expensive high- quality fragrances each one has been developed, you have tried you have made a decision,lot of these. >>guest: witharison price. we
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want to show you exactly what you are getting. we have adhered sixth senshave sixth sense pheromone destiny, destiny blue secret, pheromone musk magic nights, and bombshell. you have all of these, 15 fragrances. it is like you are paying $16 in change a piece. 6 c13 >>guest: more like $3. >>host: do not ask me to do math at 11:00 a.m. in the morning. >>guest: on a sunday >>host: [laughter]
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>>guest: imagines giving one of each of these >>host: this is amazing you have a holiday dinner, a place setting as a gift and a thank you. remember the flex pay, $16 and change on flex pay these come beautifully gift packaged. you her entire sensational collection. and we do this only today she is not back until next yearwill talk now about some of these fragrances we should start with >>guest: it will and vote some many complement's. the word pheromone6 c13 attraction when you try this people are going to say what are you wearing?know if you want to
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come out what is sexual attraction or to communicate. it has 179 ingredients from around the world. it is different from everybody. >>guest: next we will do destiny the sister bought opposite forget created for a woman who balances her sexuality with her spirituality. >>host: you know what?jasmin calla lily, white rose, white orchids. >>guest: each of these esencia with a chakra points. --are
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associated with the chakra points. it will be there later in the day after you have had destiny. over 1000 people >>host: over 1000 people have said yes to this.this will be the fastest and easiest way to get this, 15 beautiful fragrances. known as the best in the fragrance you get these of about $3 a piece. now is your final chance to get this. marilyn miglin will not be back until next year. you get all of your favorites. >>guest: you have
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been asking for these kinds of sizes you can mix these, if you with destiny and you add a little bit of pheromone you will be13 surprised and overwhelmed people are going to see what in the world are you wearing you will be very individual. >>host: there are so many ways to order on hsn. use express automated ordering what in the world can you get for $3? and pheromone at $600 an ounce. >>host: the best sellers from marilyn miglin. you are
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getting top of the line. in shipping and handling and tax. it comes packaged in this print they are smaller than the full size you get almost a half an ounce. maybe there are some you have not tried before. >>guest: this is sixth sense, and then we have our five senses but we have the it almost in spite is your intuition. and then we have pheromone breeze which is a new version of pheromone. it is
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light, whimsical modern and today. we have got a switch is made with edible fruitsgoddess.and then we have fo-ti- tieng which is what kathy wolf picks. it is one of the ancient oils on inch of papyrus it is a sexual stimulant. % celebrate. when it introduced celebrate, so many of you loved has so many flowers used only for celebration. it is for babies, and then we have pheromone gold which is more precious than gold.
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>>host: and then we have m. burke, pheromonedestiny, destiny blue secrets pheromone musk magic camera magic nights, and bomb shell. a sexy flirtatious perfume is the bombshell. >>host: ge each. we are very busy with 1400 ordered. if you are on board, you would get this. you this is the true perfume. and the
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precious perfume would be well over $100 alone. you have the no! no! hair removal system. we want to hear this is the only day this visit when you can get of unwanted hair and then here is your spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: welcome to your go to guide for all things hsn. selected a brand new today's specialght tonight. it is a
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pair of stiletto earrings from dead-deb guyot. colleen lopez will join us for a live chat at 10:30 the hsn application to your smart phone and you can chat with colleen lopez. [♪ music ♪] [commercial]
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[commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading]
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[♪ music ♪] >>host: the nutribulletvgone. to us by marilyn miglin we have the pheromone? your perfume pure normally $300. in addition you6 c13 destiny perfume. if as if that was not enough get the destiny perfume in a spray. and then you get the pheromone spray. one more time
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and we will show you if purchased separately. and the pheromone cure perfume--pure perfume. this is like a giveaway. any of these poor perfume's pay for the set. -- >>guest: this is $200 for each ounce
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and this is half an ounce. >>host: this is like getting $300 pheromone for free. it is like getting the destiny spray for free. it is like getting these collectible bottles for free and that each come in their own gift box. and then you have these crystal bottles these tax break and then [♪ music ♪] --these sprays, can provide >>guest: here is a beautiful gift box with a funnel to get you can use your pure perfume in this beautiful collectors bottle. this is a lovely the way it is packaged per6 c13
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becomes a beautiful gift >>guest: $74 under $25 per did >>host: >>guest: you do not need to make a choice. >>host: people are asking 51 destiny or pheromone? --do want destiny or pheromone?you get both you get these funnels to get these into the bottles as well. and i will get marilyn miglin to explain to you what pheromone is. >>guest: in a word, pheromone is the organic meant to communicate. i named this pheromone because that is what perfume does. pheromone, over the
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years, has never stopped to amaze us. when you wear pheromone you feel elegant and rich and sophisticated because it is the world's most precious perfume, at $600 per an ounce. you receive a half an ounce of the pure perfume. i did researcht took me seven and a half years to create pheromone. of it was the history.and then i have replicated actually many of the ingredients that the seven oils documented and in to papyrus are in here. --on ancient papyrus are in here. if you have tried pheromone we would like to
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hear from >>host: it is a $300 value. pure perfume once a year. $300 to get this destiny perfume. even if you look at your eau de parfum it is $74 right there, it is like purchasing with the perfume and getting 300 delbert pheromone for free. --the $300 >>guest:
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>>guest: stick this in the top and it is super easy to do. and this has a really nice stopper. >>guest: it has a silicone stopper to prevent any kind of evaporation >>guest: at this bottle. >>guest: when you have near a light, it will refracts these are both collector's items. thank you for making this possible you have selected the beautiful perfume, pheromone
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and destiny >>guest: marilyn miglin >>host: please explain the difference between the eau de parfum and the perfumed. >>guest: eau de parfum 15 percent of the concentrated my naturally has of the essentials oils. --. actually. pure perfume has over 35 percent. it, you feel know it is the best that money can buy.
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you are going to feel like a million dollars. >>host: you get the most expensive perfume in the world to produce >>host: at hsn you only see this real perfume once a year. keep in mind this is $300. with a collectible bottle. as if that was not you also get your eau de parfum see you get the letter concentration both of these come in a wonderful spray bottle that looks like a beautiful gift
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>>guest: you have not seen a bottle like3 >>host: this is a great gift for one person. you could break this up into six different gift.if you go into a collectables store. you could imagine what you would pay.six different beautiful gift, i will let you3 are now at 1200 order. you are not going to see this back until next year. and it will not be the will not see pure perfume into next year it is absolutely extraordinary. you get the most expensive perfume in the world. if you buy these individually over
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$508, just for the eau de parfum have more than paid the $ is like getting the pheromone for free.your eau de parfum and the pheromone is almost $47. [reading]] >>host: that these come to and the marilyn miglin gift boxes. >>guest: the word pheromone means to communicate. + communicating with the world's most precious perfume. you have the perfect balance of both of these,ot be this same until you try this product >>host: you will not
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find this anywhere else marilyn miglin fragrances are found in the finest stores in the world. and not even here on it is her final show of the year. shop using a mobile device. you what to do 40 cent with discriminating taste. deep plunge-- want to do for the person with taste.c13 pure perfume, the most expensive in the world. this is a
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$300 pure perfume green with your gorgeous matching bottle. you have pure destiny with a matching bottle. you have destiny in your pheromone eau de parfum. . conservatively speaking this is good enough for a few years. >>guest: you would want to use this in a year. do not save this, use >>guest: it is better to enjoy this. >>host: perfect time if you head out for the day visit
11:27 am put this in your shopping cart will hold this for you. if you love pheromone, and their retail market you pay for the eau de parfum nearly this much get the pure perfume, $600 per all of. ounce it is so feminine and elegant. you could put this along the rim of your year. it just becomes a really feminine graceful way the fragranced. >>host: we have collectibility and these beautiful bottles to
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the telephone lines we only have three minutes left hello to debbie and in florida. >>guest: hello dan thank you for calling have you tried this? >>caller: 6 c13 tried it many years ago i started my daughter our destiny as been really difficult. >>guest: thank you so very is nice that you have tried this and that is why we are here. >>host: your getting the $300 and up to our perfume's. what do you think of this value? we have the
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pheromone gold dust i have the product and i absolutely love it. >>guest: >>host: >>guest: thank you very very much. >>guest: happy fragrant holidays >>host: everything here is a five star review we were just talking we had the pleasure of working with her for the past 15 years, she brings out these collectible beautiful bottleshis. distil have
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this gorgeous you can set on yourd, you get 2 of13 these are heavy, such well-made bottles. >>host: one minute remains to shop, this is your final minute of the year.her this is your chance to get $300 pure perfume the highest concentration it is a $300 and you get the $125 destiny. emmy 2 eau de parfum, for under the price of these
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in a single and you get everything. it is amazing instead of $300 for one, you get everything. thank you. we will tell you more now about st. [commercial] [commercial]
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[commercial] [commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: it is hereby not for long, your kindle fire. --it is
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here but not for long periods did it is crazy popular item #099-849. been order on that day. i will be doing a full presentation coming up in a few this will sell out early it is your number-one selling a tablet and the country. and then we are going to show you a this will play years vhs tapes. you can dubbed these tapes on to your dvd is and you can stop the degradation >>host: do you have
11:34 am
unwanted hair?maybe it is on your we have a system if you use this consistently, it will get rid of your unwanted hair. worldwide we have sold 3 million of these. it is the no. one system and japan. not only is she the technology expert, she does not need to be a no no user anymore. she is one of the millions of people that this will work to get rid of the unwanted hair. >>guest: hair removal is usually
11:35 am
nontechnical. to radiant see you see all of the countries worldwide, 3 million is a big number. maybe it has been on your favorite talk shows. and does this really work?we will talk about the technology in the moment we do have some exclusive fun colors this is the best place to get your no! no!. >>host: to purple, red, pink, silver, or black. you get your 8 in. cord, you have your boss ink pads, your cleaning brush, you your near a tip for the face--narrow step for the face. it
11:36 am
everything you need for your face. under $50 to bring this home. normally we do an hour on the no! no! was on here,6 c13 sold 40,000 devotees. these [reading] da i will now that jennifer crawford explain to you how this works. than we think painful and then we think competitive.
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>>guest: you will on this for good. -- zero in this for good--own this for good. this advanced technology from a company called radiance see. they on this and a professional environment. they have this eight (...) this you can use, you charge this. your aunt and off button is on top. --on and off button is on top.
11:38 am
deep. this is the technology, believe it or not this is a tiny tip with the thermodynamic wire is gently slide this or get in the same motion as if you put a razor over your arms. you barely feel anything and the surface here is crystallizing. you can cut off the surface hair. and watch this the difference with this no! no! is what is happening and beneath the that blue light is the thermodynamic wire we do not know
11:39 am
how our hair grows and cycles this whenever you need to. you can consistently get your hair in the cycles. >>guest: you'll will expect more resultbetter results. picture, this stubble on your and this after it is from just using this for a few weeks. you can use this lasts and lasts. the more you use this the less you need to. and
11:40 am
then you can let the care regrow hebronhair regrow. [reading] >>host: please understand what jennifer crawford is saying. in your bottom little13 the used no! no! for six weeks and then they went six weeks without doing anything >>host: this >>guest: this is what is wonderful about this technology. you do not need to do this anymore. there are
11:41 am
people who are shaping their sideburns, and their mustaches because there is no alternative, now there is, they wake up every day and shaved their face. this is a big difference just like if you have the peach fuzz. >>guest: we only have >>host: we only have
11:42 am
15 minutes to it is an abbreviated presentation. if you are not doing no! no! what are you doing to remove the hair? this will remove the air in a better fashionin a better fashion. >>caller: add up everything you have done to get rid of your hair. technology and lazer and anything permanent is really expensive. [reading]
11:43 am
>>host: i was shaving for 15 years before i started using no! no!. i do not do it anymore. as i have aged face i did not think i had the peach fuzz the moment you take this off it is amazing what it does for your. your skin is glowing like you had a facial. >>host: you can bring this home for under $50.many women have battle scars from cutting their legs with a
11:44 am
disposablethis with your daughter. just use a different tip. you have an unconditional 60 day money backuarantee you have 60 days to send this back! no! it is a 60 day return policy. use this, take it out of the box and use it. >>caller: i love the
11:45 am
no! no!. we are thrilled with this.and we got a set for my sister for christmas. >>guest: what a great christmas gift. >>caller: she will be have so many colors. >>host: now this work for you? >>caller: wonderful. i am 50 so i am starting to in here reface with peach fuzz. my daughter is 19 and she wanted to shave her sides.
11:46 am
>>host: back to get another one for your sister, what would you say to people who if this really works? >>caller: it works better than anything i have used >>host: stacie and happy holidays to you and your family this is the only show this joined the almost 200 people who have said yes. we sold 40,000 in one day last time.
11:47 am
honestly, most of us would say that they would pay whatever it took. if they knew they did not need to shave it anymore. now you can use your no! no! and be here free. (...) >>guest:we want you to take a look at bobbi, we do bring in male models. many of you or shaving all of the take a look at do you see how. he is? he is? these are patches from last time. it is 50 percent gone.
11:48 am
>>guest: this is where the light went off. i was selling this in canada, a male model came in and did the same thing. back for six- eight weeks. i saw the pair had come back. --hairhad come back but was halfway done. gone. you can do this as often
11:49 am
as you need to. >>host: with continued use you will see what the male model did.sure there will be more regressed but this is six weeks of using the no! no! and then six weeks of doing nothing-- regrowth.. imagine what you would look like after six weeks of doing nothing. eventually it will be less than this.
11:50 am
(...) you will finally be free from unwanted hair. now we have another phone call. >>caller: hello. >>host: how are you? >>caller: i am great, i wanted to share6 c13 watching no! no! for months now idered this last month.i am jealous i do not have a case but i do have the leopard print. i have tried this my last on imported by in not using this on the right arm and i can already see a difference. seeing a difference i have been selling your product to mica workers. you will
11:51 am
probably have another customer soon. >>guest: you know bobbi is walking around with stripes. >>guest: want >>host: he does not want to no! no! his entire arm or he will be out of a job. i have also tried my upper lips and that instantly sought a difference. i love the system in their recommended to everybody. >>host: 70804 talks about how wonderful this is working13 her, the results are amazing, thisis professional technology that you can use in the comfort and convenience of your own home. you buy
11:52 am
this one time and use this consistently to get rid of the unwanted hair. not like waxing. >>guest: you do not need to make appointments or anything. you to everybody who has called in. we all do have different skin types. connie has light hair and light skin. and the main thing is you are going to getvresults which is a huge difference from anything you are doing now. doctors recommend this it has been on many of those shows. we have a doctor on tape to recommend this. >> as a harvard and yale educated physician, one of the things that makes me very comfortable talking about no! no! is all the research and
11:53 am
clinicial trials that show that it really does work. and that is why i feel confident recommending it to my patients. >>host: think about that a doctor recommending this to her patients. think about the other methods, your lazer, which by the way is not effective for every type of skin, the waxing, i do not like to do that because it is painful prevent >>guest: or the no! no!. is the least expensive one with a end in sight. one of the most effective hair removal methods out there. this every time we go to the united kingdom. it is because it is
11:54 am
effective on all skin types. everybody can use this, she is a woman of color. maybe they are not able to use laser. light hair, gray hair, peach fuzz. no! no! will work on all of them. it is thermodynamic technology. they have all cut this back for us. --done+ this for is treating the hair. this is really different we have used the no! no! a few times. and then you are done with your treatment. if
11:55 am
you do about surface air, it is coming up because of the wire. the first couple * you use this then you will start to notice but. -- take the buff er that we give you. this has capislow. you do this a few times then you are on your way. if you do this on your face, start on your lower heat. this up as
11:56 am
you need to just go up a few areas, wash your face with your normal skin retain. >>host: if you do have a lot c13 you can shave >>guest: at first when you use this year is still growingyour hair is still growing if a man is using this product what to use this the few times you realize that you can use this last a less. --less and
11:57 am
. now he has to shave his neck every day. you can do this once and it will last about a week rent. with no! no! he used this a few weeks and then he stopped. similar to his arm, we are looking for the long term results. >>host: we under two minutes to shop. remember flex pay is under $50 to bring you go it
11:58 am
yourself to try this you want to get this for the holidays or treat yourself for under $50, choose purple red, pink, silver, or black. it is all inclusive.and more important for that, the fact you you will be here free if you continue to use this. --hair free if you continue to use you'll have more time in your not worry about running home to shave your legs.
11:59 am
>>model: this is crazy to think about howiry i was and i do not need to shave like a man. >>guest: now how old are you? >>model: i in 69 years old this i love this. i can use it anywhere. one aegis, air shows up where it never did before. it is so easy to bring this home on your charge card. you are going to love this forget

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